Asheville, N.C.


I recently took a weekend trip to Asheville to visit some of my boyfriend’s family and explore the area. We stayed in the cutest little Airbnb cabin with old world charm, but modern amenities. Apart from family visits, we did some waterfall hopping and spent some serious time stuffing our faces. After hiking 4-5 miles you get to eat whatever you want right?

The first waterfall we visited was Crabtree, and I was kind of surprised at the number of people there considering it’s a 3-4 mile hike (depending on the route you take). We took the steeper route there and back which wasn’t the best idea since it was all uphill back (and we were lugging camera gear). This was probably my favorite waterfall though, not the most photogenic, but definitely my favorite. You could gaze at the falls from a bridge below, or climb up the side rocks to a landing area with a pool. It was too cold to get into the water, but despite that, there were plenty of areas (and by areas I mean rocks) to sit and chill. The second waterfall we went to was looking glass, and it was by far the most accessible (and the most crowded). I was so mad at myself for not bringing rain boots this trip (so I could get better angles), but I was especially mad at myself for that fact at this particular waterfall. There was a long stretch of water that you could easily walk through, hitting slightly below my shins. I definitely would love to go to this one again, despite the crowdedness. The last waterfall we went to was Eastatoe, a private waterfall almost literally in someone’s backyard. This is a very secluded waterfall, we were the only people there (although the owners had a sign out welcoming visitors). Unfortunately, the day we went was very sunny and I couldn’t really get any shots, but this is a great place to go to relax.

While downtown Asheville, we ate at Curate and Vortex Doughnuts. Curate serves tapas, which is especially good for me since I usually order side plates as my meal (I like to sample things). I was very impressed with the food at Curate, everything we ate was very good, the stuffed piquillo peppers (pictured here) were my favorite. This was the second time I have eaten at Vortex Doughnuts, they have a nice variety of specialty doughnuts (gluten free, vegan, etc.) and coffee. This would be a great morning, or mid afternoon stop, and I’m sure I’d frequent this place if I lived in the area. Both my boyfriend and I thought the espresso doughnut was the best, just fyi 🙂

-all photos by me

Pelican Lane


Lately, I’ve been wanting to take more photos of wildlife. Pelicans have always been on the agenda, but I’ve always struggled finding a location where they were plentiful. Common sense tells you that they would be located in areas with less human traffic, but even if you venture into more remote territory, you still need to be located near something that draws them (or wait for hours on end). Luckily, I found a marina that was known for feeding the pelicans scraps from their fishing trips. I know this is a controversial thing, and I’m aware of the dangers of feeding pelicans fish that are too large or boney for them to consume. However, these fisherman made sure to feed the birds appropriately. A local offered me the opportunity to take pictures from his dock, and also offered to let me feed them myself. Such hospitality, I know! 🙂  I don’t think I have to tell you that I was in heaven throughout this experience. Pelicans were swimming in the water around me, and the braver ones would even waddle past me on the dock. I was told me to come back in the spring to see the baby pelicans, but I don’t know if my heart could even take that.

-all photos by me



Ever since watching Will Smith’s movie Seven Pounds I’ve had a different appreciation for jellyfish (which might sound strange given the plot). If you’ve seen the movie, you know I’m referring to the box jellyfish that Smith kept in a large fish tank. The jellyfish was undeniably beautiful and graceful, and a powerful symbol throughout the movie. Prior to the movie, jellyfish evoked a somewhat gross image in my mind. They were the creatures that I had to make sure I didn’t step on when walking on the beach, the creatures I knew that could give a nasty sting. Somehow, I had missed the beauty of them before, and certainly, they look so much different in the water than washed ashore, but even visiting aquariums as a young child, I don’t recall being captivated by them as much as I am now. It’s funny how time can do that, a few years back I spent most time trying touch the sting rays or horseshoe crabs in the aquariums, and now I find that my favorite place is right in front of the jellyfish tank.


-All photos by me