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Everli Jewelry



I was recently able to take a few photos for Everli Jewelry’s mountain collection. I first fell in love with Everli’s nature inspired designs when I came across the deeply rooted lotus ring, which quickly became one of my go-to’s. In truth, it is my most favorite ring that I own. I am also in SERIOUS love with her go with the flow wave hoops, but unfortunately, I can no longer wear earrings 🙁

It is really hard not to like the simple organic designs of Everli’s different collections, which I think sets her jewelry line apart from many others. Her pieces can standalone, or be paired easily with other simple jewelry. If you love simple, nature-inspired jewelry, you should definitely check her pieces here.

-photos by me

Nashville Short-lived



A few days ago my boyfriend and I were in Nashville visiting his brother for a couple days. Although most of my time there was spent hulled up inside working on my thesis proposal, I did manage to make my way out for a little bit to go to a couple of places I had wanted to visit. The shots above are of Imogene and Willie and Barista Parlor, both of which are great places to go if you are ever in Nashville. I must tell you, I think Barista Parlor is the largest coffee shop I’ve ever been to.. which is an irrelevant fact I just had to throw in there. But the coffee itself was very good. The other two places I visited were Local Honey (not featured here) and Imogene and Willie. Local Honey was on my list of places to go because they sell used clothing for very reasonable prices (the only item I bought in Nashville was a pair of used Steven by Steven Madden Oxfords there for $25). Imogene and Willie also was on my list of places to go because I always think its very interesting to see a company in its infancy or younger years, and who doesn’t want to see an old gas station that has been converted into a storefront? They are known for their denim, but as you can see, they also have a nice selection of skin care products for men/women, and even a Warby Parker section. Of all the things they had there, I probably liked their watch cap beanies the most (which appeared to be well made and somehow looked surprisingly good on my head).

-all photos by me

Fine Life Company


Several weeks ago I stumbled upon Fine Life Co’s Instagram account and began to fall in love with their found goods that include both objects and clothing. I was so delighted to discover FLC because it is always a struggle to find good online stores that sell used or vintage items. When searching for these types of items I usually run into two problems. For the most part, I’ve found that used/vintage items are usually overpriced, $50+ for an article of clothing, etc. The other problem I’ve ran into is finding clothing that is not very wearable/functional. FLC’s found collection offers a nicely curated selection of clothing/goods that are affordable as well as practical in the everyday sense. Their clothing ranges from $10-35, and most of their found objects (including items such as mugs/baskets/vases) are under $20. The silk top I’m wearing above was $14, which is pretty reasonable considering most vintage silk tops are around $40 or higher, but the best part to me is that I will be able to wear this top casually or professionally. As I slowly venture down my seemingly endless college career path, I’ve been trying to buy pieces that will serve me well in both aspects of life. Doing so is vital to both my frantic morning ritual of finding an outfit that will transition well from work to school, while at the same time ensuring that I meet my savings goals each month.

Note: Fine Life Co also has newly produced goods that are all made in the U.S. with fair trade practices; their accessories collection is especially my favorite.

Credits: FLC used top and Maslo Infinity Cuff, & Madewell Jeans.