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Reynolda Gardens


A week ago I visited Reynolda Gardens in Winston Salem for the first time, and to be honest, it was more than I expected. The rose gardens and greenhouses were difficult for me to walk away from, and the visit has now rekindled my fantasy of having a greenhouse of my own. Maybe a small one some day? I can’t say that I truly captured the grandeur of the place, but I guess thats your excuse to go see for yourself 🙂
-Photos of me by Luke Thompson, all others by me



My boyfriend surprised me with fringed tulips for V-day. I had seen these hybrids before but had always opted for the more common variety, because to be honest, these aren’t the most visually appealing flowers when they are fresh. I must say though, I have never seen flowers wilt so beautifully before. As they begin to decay, their fringe begins to crinkle up (adding character to their natural gradient), and their shape also seems to get a little more rounded. I hadn’t planned on photographing them, but towards the end of their aging process I couldn’t resist.

-all photos are by me